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That was great. Two quick jokes (hobo kicking the pigeon and eating the food, hobo taking the bag then taking the bird) were just perfectly executed! I didn't expect the hobo to take the bird so this flash is a thumb up for me. Great work!

TOO fucking amazing

Wow. Just wow.
Usually I don't expect to see a cinematic quality from flash movies, but this... oh man. This exceeds the quality of animations from Dreamworks Picture.

It's fantastic. Simply amazing.

The use of special FX was so well done, it had my eyes open wide and my jaw drop. the animation was smooth, and the pace was fast. Smooth and fast, the comination was just too perfect.

Even though the movie was short, the story was really engaging. I thought this was too incredible. How could you freakin make an intense and interesting piece of art out of a 3 to 4 minute flash? I mean, wow. To sum up the story and keep the tension going at the same time, it takes extraoridinary skills, and you got them.

The narrartor was superb. Honestly, I think he was one of the main reason why the story was so engaging. The approach of telling a story was so well done, my mind is blown.

Kudos to Hania Lee, her work was too freakin awesome. The music fit very nicely for this piece of work.

The only thing I didn't like was the part where Tarboy died. I thought the ending was too abrupt for some reason cause I was wondering how the hell those guys found out about his weakness. If there were some scenes that showed how Tarboy's achilles' heel was revealed, then I would've given this a perfect 10.

Also in the end where the movie ends and switches to the credits, (where crescendo happends and reaches climax) I thought the climax of the music was a bit weak because it lacked percussion. The only instrument I heard during the crescendo and the climax were the violins. I know it's opinionated, but I think it would have been better if there was a boom, like a bass drum. I think It would've been more intense and give the movie a stronger ending. I sometimes compose music (I'm still in high school, so not as good as her work lol) so I was just think about it.

VERY nice work. Pure masterpiece and such a tremendous achievement as a flash movie.


Nicely done. That 3D perspective was really cool. The voice acting was terrific and animation was quite smooth.

Just some things I wanna point out.
1. What's that high pitched noise in the background? It bugs the hell out of me. If you can't hear it raise it high.
2. Replay button doesn't work. If a button is present, the functionality of the button is a must. Remove it if it doesn't work.
3. I don't understand why a random robot shot a missile. Guess I'll have to find out after the full flash is released.
4. 7.1 MB is a huge, I mean HUGE for a flash this size. I know it has all the music and voice work inside, but I've seen a flash that is way longer than this and has more work and effort in it, and it was only 10 MB.

other than that, very nice. That replay button should be fixed cause I had to refresh the page everytime I searched for the easter egg and missed it.

SuperFakeFilms responds:

yeah I only heard that annoying noise after it was uploaded, it must have something to do with compression of the audio

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wow, i never thought i could actually jam on a flash game.
That was excellent! all the chords and tabs provided, I was able to make a song, but my computer sucks so it lagged alot lol.

Only thing that bugged me was the fact that you couldn't tell how many bars each bridge (for drums) fills. one bridge filled 8 blocks, one bridge filled 4 i think. KInda bothered me cause i couldn't tell until i decided to place it and sometimes that just made everything not flexible.

Anyway, i thought thinks were very solid. I wish you made a mixer that lets me control each kick, snare, crash, etc. so that i can create my own beat and fills but that just me, and if you were to make sumthing like that, you would be ripping your hairs out LOL

I think i'm gonna spend few ours playing this :P

One of the "WTF? this game is awesome" game

The game was absolutely fantastic. I don't care how heavily this game was inspired by "The Mist" or any other things, this game is a killer.

One of the major you had to face I know, is religious reference. This is kind of something that is hard to work around with, because some (or many) take religion very seriously and it's mighty hard to satisfy them.

Interesting and disturbing plot, one wacked-out retard, and bunch of eye-sore creatures, it's fantastic. Those things made me pay attention to the dialogues and find out what the hell was going on.
I can understand Seth's craziness, not because I agree with him, but because I know a guy who randomly came into my school and chanted "Jesus is lord", and sure. Jesus is lord. But let's move on.

Just couple of things I don't understand:
1. Why is the map in the trunk? Shouldn't you have it with you in the seats?
2. What's up with the RC car challenge? hit box and paths needs a little tweaking.
These are just some questions I have but eh, you can forget about it.

Some things that needs work/improvement/tweaking.
1. The RC car. The major problem that brought your score down.
2. The kid with the axe. His voice wasn't as engaging as others and I thought it brought the tension down.
3. More smoothness in the animations.
4. smoothen the plots to produce less "awkward and/or choppy" storyline.

Parts I really liked:
1. Multiple dialogues going at the same time. It gave the argument more realistic feeling.
2. Extra minigames thrown into the game.

Overall, very, I mean very good storyline and artwork. That bastard act that Seth pulled (The part where he goes berserk with his pistol) had me swing my fist around the computer screen. And in the end, I was hoping to see more of Ira having moral struggle of whether she should shoot him or not. I actaully knew he was going to do that and KNEW he was gonna make her shoot, but I still hoped she wouldn't shoot him. lol
5/5 and 9/10.
Fantastic work.


Very creative with only simple concepts, the puzzle was quite challenging to solve.
The storyline is shockingly deep for such a simple puzzle game.
First, nice intro. That warning certainly grabs ppls attention and it certainly makes me wanna find out what the hell this game is about.

Nice choice of music. Since the game is retro-styled with neon-glowing objects, the simplistic music fits the the game quite well. The choice of music is quite excellent, since all the music sounds suspensful and mysterious.

For the tutorial, i think i should point out about the descriptive text for each stage. the texts are about "Cracking Computer Security for fun and profit". This was kinda disturbing because i had to wonder my eyes off for descriptive text and finally noticed that it was way on the top. other than that, everything else went quite smooth, execution was great.

The puzzle wasn't very repetitive. Looks like all of the puzzles were given some thoughts. There were some inconsistant rise of difficulty. there were some easy levels popping up in the middle of strings of difficult levels. I guess i could be considered a break, but that would disrrupt the intensity of the game since the situation of the plot in the game should be getting more intense as it progresses through the game.
Also, the puzzle wasn't testing the strategic intelligence to the full extent. Some puzzle merely required a correct timing to fire the "packets" in order to hack successfully. It might be creative to put the concept of timing in the puzzle, but i believe the idea of puzzle is about critical thinking and figuring things out step by step rather than using quick reflexes. Nevertheless, the puzzle wasn't testing the strategic intelligence to the full extent.

The Editing mode is a excellent move. Allowing people to create their own puzzle and sharing would definately create a higher replay value since many people will try to solve what others made.
Challenge mode was great, not all of them were highly difficult.

Overall, great game. It just that the puzzles weren't hardest to the possible difficulty.

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Muy bien.

Great blend of instruments.

I kinda wanna mention the volume level of the piano being a little too high. I hear some instances of high notes shooting throught the volume indicator bars. Try remastering the piano along with the other instruments to achieve the perfect balance.

On that bombshell, nice work. Would like to hear more from you.


-=-=- blur

Biokiller8 responds:

Thanx for the comment man!!!! I hope that special person apreciate it too. Sorry for my crappy English lol. And check my other submisions if you like this one............

Good song.

Drum definately needs to be remastered, not enough presence and the song kinda loses its climax point when the drums really need to kick in.

Nice song though. Remastering the drum will definately bring the song up.


-=-=- blur


Nice intro, nice elements put into a composition.

The bass is a little overwhelming however. Having bass at high level to certain extent can be good, since that will fill the space and make the song warm.
This case, there's too much and along with the punchy kick, I honestly don't think it works as a relaxing song.

But I like the melodies and the transitions of the song and such, definately worth listening to.

-=-=- blur


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