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Sweet and short sigh Sweet and short sigh

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Muy bien.

Great blend of instruments.

I kinda wanna mention the volume level of the piano being a little too high. I hear some instances of high notes shooting throught the volume indicator bars. Try remastering the piano along with the other instruments to achieve the perfect balance.

On that bombshell, nice work. Would like to hear more from you.


-=-=- blur

Biokiller8 responds:

Thanx for the comment man!!!! I hope that special person apreciate it too. Sorry for my crappy English lol. And check my other submisions if you like this one............

C.J. Mc Girr - Clockwork C.J. Mc Girr - Clockwork

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good song.

Drum definately needs to be remastered, not enough presence and the song kinda loses its climax point when the drums really need to kick in.

Nice song though. Remastering the drum will definately bring the song up.


-=-=- blur

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Lights the feeling Lights the feeling

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice intro, nice elements put into a composition.

The bass is a little overwhelming however. Having bass at high level to certain extent can be good, since that will fill the space and make the song warm.
This case, there's too much and along with the punchy kick, I honestly don't think it works as a relaxing song.

But I like the melodies and the transitions of the song and such, definately worth listening to.

-=-=- blur

Sgt-Whip - P-Kay's Theme Sgt-Whip - P-Kay's Theme

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good Song.

Lots of variety in the song. Quite a piece of work!

However I wanna point out that the bass drum is too overwhelming in the beginning and possibly through out the song.
The duration of the thump of the bass is long, which is not a bad thing; but in this case, the volume level of the bass drum is too high, and in addition like I mentioned, the duration is long, meaning the parts of main melody of the song is going to get shadowed by the thump of the bass.

I probably didn't touch the Electronic music genre long enough to give you critical advices, but this is how I felt.

Song was pretty enjoyable though, would like to hear more from you!

-=-=- blur

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forgivensake responds:

Thank you for your honest review. I agree, I did not do a very good job at organizing the bass's volume and frequency at all points to give the song an always balanced spectrum. Thank you for noticing that and pointing it out.

I've had a lot of difficult in the past (and still now) with balancing the sub bass with the bass kicks. In this piece specifically the bass is more or less functioning as the lead instrument and melody, which is what I wanted. Still, in other works I have not done a good job with playing the high tones over the low tones.

Glad to hear you liked it for the most part. I'll be sure to keep up the work and improve my stuff.


FF7 Shinra Theme FF7 Shinra Theme

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty Nice

Vocal section and the bells are very nicely used.

However, I didn't like the piano part acting as a percussion in the very beginning of the song.
Althought this might be a strictly preferal issue, but I thought it caused a very choppy feeling for such a smooth and beautiful music.

Would love to hear more of your works!

-=-=- blur

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-_-Ibiza-_- -_-Ibiza-_-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I never knew Trance could be so pleasing to listen to. But now I know.
You wrote that this song has 17 patterns in the Authors comment. This might remove the chance of the song being to repetitive but it still takes skill to place 17 patterns in a way that the song runs smoothly and swiftly because, even if you have 17 or maybe thousands of awesome sounding sequences, if you don't place the sequences properly, the song might end up sounding awkward as hell.
There were some spots that I thought the transition might need more sanding to make it more smoother, but generally, very entertaining. The notes in the song are very colourful; it's almost like i can visualize them in color.

Anyway, great work. I hope to hear more from you :D

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ClarkBrazda responds:

I do need to work on my transitions, and in some spots my timing is a wee bit off. But anyways, thanks for the review :)

Crystal rain Crystal rain

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This song rocked. Well it was soothing actually. lol
Anyway, this is some sort of music that I would definately listen on a rainy day, which I'm doing right now.
From what I think, this song is brilliant. It has some sense of sadness in it. When this song hits the crescendo, it sort of gives me the feel of overcoming difficulty, a beginning of new hopes and dreams I should say. Unless I misunderstood what your intended feeling in the beginning and the middle of the song was, I think that's how I should felt.
In the end, the complex notes, somehow felt continuing of uneasiness, while the hopes are still there. Sounds just like a thing called "life", hmm? lol

One particular I didn't like is that it sounds like you used a digital keyboard. I would've loved it if sounded like it was done on a grand piano or at least an acoustic piano. If you indeed did this music on an acoustic piano, then well I guess I should see a doctor or something for my ears i guess lol.
One other thing is that I want to hear more bass. Not that it's a problem, but for me, I thought your range of octaves was shallow. If there was more variety in ocatves, This piece would have been spectacular.

Anyways, great work. Please keep it up cause I would like to hear more from you. :D

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drumeaterking responds:

Thank you for this unusually eloquent review; Newgrounds is usually a little lacking in any constructive feedback. You are awesome. :)
Unfortunately, all I own as far as keyboards is just that; a keyboard, and not a great one at that.
That was exactly the intended purpose of the song; I am excited and pleased that it came through the music as it did for you.
I have been and will continue writing; thanks for the support!!!

-=- Spitting Submarine -=- Spitting Submarine

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I'm trying to make sense out of this song. Most of the song I get. Some parts, not really. As the guys blow me already mentioned, things get awkward as HELL. Transition from one section to another is also down the sink. I get the feeling that the notes are rather bouncing all over the places. It feels like the string part, which is like the rhythm section, tries to make sense and keep the structure of the song intact. But the melodic part just totally destroys it. I don't know seriously, if this should be harshly criticized or not, because some part makes sense while other parts doesn't even show a hint of sense.

The point, I'll be concise, is that both the melody and the rhythm section (string) is playing their own agenda. They are not in harmony, they are not even trying to support each other. If the connection and the support between rhytm and melody section DOES NOT FORM, everything burns.

PS: the melody that kicks in at 0:56, It's totally up to you. But I suggest you edit or take it off. Comes in too abruptly and it's kinda weird. Doesn't really fit in. Same with other places that have this melody.

Keep trying, the song was very interesting :)

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Dreaming of Banshee Dreaming of Banshee

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Like it.

This song was very nice. It's got a weird taste (in a good way) and that certainly entertained me. But the frequency of the high notes playing is a little bit of irritation. I don't know if I'm the only sensative one, but it hurt my ears.

I personally liked this. It's like one of the songs that are used in mysterious situations or when people are in a state of confusion.
Know any Ace Attorney games? The ones with Pheonix Wright. Yeah, well it's court-simulation game, but it involves investigating and stuff. I think this music would be really fitting during the investigation in that game. The flavour of this music is weird, and mysterious, yet the notes going up and down and weird tunes make this thing a very interesting piece.

Keep up the good work. If I ever become a game developer or something, I'll make sure I contact you to use your music in the future ;P

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RugHead responds:

Ha thanks (:

In A Perfect World [WIP] In A Perfect World [WIP]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very cool.

The songs very cool. Quite catchy may I say.
I know your intention was to create a song that repeats over and over, but those are the type of songs that I think very lowly of because I think there is no creativity involved. Of course, making a music like this already requires a large amount of creativity to get this melody created, but it's repeating over and over again. This music only befitts the menu screen where music is played over and over again while the menu screen displays some scene in the movie. But I would put this music in the main menu of an awesome movie.

XXMisterFiyahXX responds:

Wow, thanks for the input! Yeah, hardstyle is repetition, but I'm trying to make it seem more creative somehow. It's kind of like re-inventing the wheel in some aspect. XD