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Last Town On Earth Last Town On Earth

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Tiresome gameplay

The first part of the intro where the music is qued and the part of which the blizzard was approaching the town was rather well done. The part was really fitting with the music but it didn't last long cause suddenly a guy with a flamethrower with some weird mask and stuff was on a buidling. The the game begins and uh...
repetitive gameplay occurs. Every wave seems so identical. Even if you put a little twist by making more blizzards approach from different directions, it doesn't really matter because all it does was making the job of protecting the village harder, not more enjoyable.

Lots of people are questioning the use of the flamethrower to drive off the blizzard since it's not very realistic, but it would not have mattered a lot if the gameplay was actually enjoyable.
It's on the verge of being not-as-bad game rather than "enjoyable" game because lots could have been done better. It would have been nice that I had to save the trees too. I thought it wasn't part of my objective.
Also, when the guy is firing a stream of fire, there's a blob of fire produced every few seconds. That's gotta be fixed. I guess whenever the blob is produced, the gauge for the gasoline decreases. But I thought flamethrowers fire continuously, not in vollies. You gotta make the animation smoother and also make the gauge disappear more smoothly. Also, it seems that it's the blob that's driving the blizzard away, not the stream of fire itself. That made the game siginficantly difficult and simply destroy the gameplay. Happens when kiling the Yeti's too. It's the blob that damages them, not the fire itself. Because of the blob thing, it forced me to fire in bursts, cause that produced more blobish fires. After 6th wave, I gave up, leaving the town to freeze.
Gauges on the hospital and gas station is totally useless since the refill can be done infinite times. What was the point of it anyway?
Yeti kill count is also messed up, mind you.

Overall, a game enjoyable for 5 minutes. It's not bad, but it's not really in the line of good games. Many of the features of this game can be improved on.

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Punk-o-matic 2 Punk-o-matic 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


wow, i never thought i could actually jam on a flash game.
That was excellent! all the chords and tabs provided, I was able to make a song, but my computer sucks so it lagged alot lol.

Only thing that bugged me was the fact that you couldn't tell how many bars each bridge (for drums) fills. one bridge filled 8 blocks, one bridge filled 4 i think. KInda bothered me cause i couldn't tell until i decided to place it and sometimes that just made everything not flexible.

Anyway, i thought thinks were very solid. I wish you made a mixer that lets me control each kick, snare, crash, etc. so that i can create my own beat and fills but that just me, and if you were to make sumthing like that, you would be ripping your hairs out LOL

I think i'm gonna spend few ours playing this :P

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Vorago Vorago

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of the "WTF? this game is awesome" game

The game was absolutely fantastic. I don't care how heavily this game was inspired by "The Mist" or any other things, this game is a killer.

One of the major you had to face I know, is religious reference. This is kind of something that is hard to work around with, because some (or many) take religion very seriously and it's mighty hard to satisfy them.

Interesting and disturbing plot, one wacked-out retard, and bunch of eye-sore creatures, it's fantastic. Those things made me pay attention to the dialogues and find out what the hell was going on.
I can understand Seth's craziness, not because I agree with him, but because I know a guy who randomly came into my school and chanted "Jesus is lord", and sure. Jesus is lord. But let's move on.

Just couple of things I don't understand:
1. Why is the map in the trunk? Shouldn't you have it with you in the seats?
2. What's up with the RC car challenge? hit box and paths needs a little tweaking.
These are just some questions I have but eh, you can forget about it.

Some things that needs work/improvement/tweaking.
1. The RC car. The major problem that brought your score down.
2. The kid with the axe. His voice wasn't as engaging as others and I thought it brought the tension down.
3. More smoothness in the animations.
4. smoothen the plots to produce less "awkward and/or choppy" storyline.

Parts I really liked:
1. Multiple dialogues going at the same time. It gave the argument more realistic feeling.
2. Extra minigames thrown into the game.

Overall, very, I mean very good storyline and artwork. That bastard act that Seth pulled (The part where he goes berserk with his pistol) had me swing my fist around the computer screen. And in the end, I was hoping to see more of Ira having moral struggle of whether she should shoot him or not. I actaully knew he was going to do that and KNEW he was gonna make her shoot, but I still hoped she wouldn't shoot him. lol
5/5 and 9/10.
Fantastic work.

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Exploit Exploit

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Very creative with only simple concepts, the puzzle was quite challenging to solve.
The storyline is shockingly deep for such a simple puzzle game.
First, nice intro. That warning certainly grabs ppls attention and it certainly makes me wanna find out what the hell this game is about.

Nice choice of music. Since the game is retro-styled with neon-glowing objects, the simplistic music fits the the game quite well. The choice of music is quite excellent, since all the music sounds suspensful and mysterious.

For the tutorial, i think i should point out about the descriptive text for each stage. the texts are about "Cracking Computer Security for fun and profit". This was kinda disturbing because i had to wonder my eyes off for descriptive text and finally noticed that it was way on the top. other than that, everything else went quite smooth, execution was great.

The puzzle wasn't very repetitive. Looks like all of the puzzles were given some thoughts. There were some inconsistant rise of difficulty. there were some easy levels popping up in the middle of strings of difficult levels. I guess i could be considered a break, but that would disrrupt the intensity of the game since the situation of the plot in the game should be getting more intense as it progresses through the game.
Also, the puzzle wasn't testing the strategic intelligence to the full extent. Some puzzle merely required a correct timing to fire the "packets" in order to hack successfully. It might be creative to put the concept of timing in the puzzle, but i believe the idea of puzzle is about critical thinking and figuring things out step by step rather than using quick reflexes. Nevertheless, the puzzle wasn't testing the strategic intelligence to the full extent.

The Editing mode is a excellent move. Allowing people to create their own puzzle and sharing would definately create a higher replay value since many people will try to solve what others made.
Challenge mode was great, not all of them were highly difficult.

Overall, great game. It just that the puzzles weren't hardest to the possible difficulty.

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Magnet towers Magnet towers

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very fun to play

i loved this game! this game reminded of me in elementary school playing with smarties-like magnets and try to stack'em up high.
Very creative and very original.
The grphics are very well done and very appealing for such a simple game.
i liked the flashy neon-ish magnets. They looked cool.
Although this is one hellava game, but people will lose interest quickly if there's no special event or new things happening every once in 3 to 5 levels. It would be interesting if their was a power up or something like that, such as a power up that vacuums up certain colors. also it would be fun to a double-coloured magnet. (e.g.: red-blue magnet, green-blue, yellow-pink) these will certainly make the levels harder simply 1 color is mixed with 2 different colors. people will have to consider a bit more to stack their tower, and this will require more concentration. (more concentration = more addiction)
Very interesting concept, great execution. A bit of repetition there, but it wouldn't be a huge problem. Also, be a bit more clear about things that happen in the gameplay. First off, there was no explenation about what the circle field-which is created when there's a bit of tower fusion-is suppose to be a magnetic field that allows the player to collect magnets more easily.
Other than that, great job.

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Window 7/XP Escape! Window 7/XP Escape!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Super Creative

I've never seen such games like this! This game posseses pure originality- congrats!

the execution was great, the graphics were great, and the use of sounds were great too!

the puzzle was very hard, but it was kinda rewarding when i solved it. (didn't like the ending.)

need more and improved puzzles :D

hope to see a sequel!

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AsianSpark responds:

Thanks for the great reviews.

Blue Custom! Blue Custom!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

lol, what's up with the indy guy?

Definately fun game!
simple but creative and fun at the sametime.
Flashy and friendly graphics was very entertaining. (even though this game is eat or be eaten: cruel, cruel practice of nature XD)
I see you're gonna release a red custom and i hope to see it soon :D

useless suggestions: how about making the creature a wee-bit bigger each time the thing (wat is it anyway?) eats 5 fish.
e.g. (5 fish - big, 15 fish - a bit bigger, 25 fish - bit more bigger)
hope to see a feednfrenzy series collab! :D

jjwallace responds:

well every fish you eat you will get bigger in red custom.. i am not sure how to do it because of the size you get after 2 minutes.. so i might make it a time trial for the grow mode.. there will be arcade mode and evolution and stuff.. i was trying to however get red custom out, so i may do blue custom 2.. however i have no time to work on the 6 games i have in the works...
thanks for playing..

Kerspat, the Game Kerspat, the Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Simplicity prevails.

Very original and very creative! i really liked how the game went.
the game was nice and simple, and easy to get used to.

the problem is that you've never specifically told us that when the battery gets squished, the combo is destroyed.

also, when the level gets hard, it's obvious that it'll get hard to get the batteries without having that squished. Because of that, it's very hard to even get to the 3rd combo as the level gets harder.

also, i want you to clarify on the instruction whether the combo multiplies the total score, or the score that you have currently during the gameplay.

nice use of up and down walls, that was certainly unexpected for me in the beginning

an arrow key function would be nice, along with fancier and flashier graphics.
good game.

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RodMagnuson responds:

Thanks for the review. The multiplier only applies to the battery score. I will try to clarify that in the instructions. I made a tweak to the instructions to hopefully clarify this.

Immune System Game Immune System Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

all very good ideas, but

this flash is kinda all over the place if you ask me.
the concept and ideals are very unique, very extraordinary. Putting educatoinal value and entertainment value together in one flash is unbelieveably hard thing to do. Unfortunately, your flash wasn't successful at putting those 2 things together.
It was a very good try, trying tackle an exceptionally hard idea, but the execution was a one big miserable failure.

1st game: Three Lines of Defence
luckily, i was able to remember what i've learned in biology last year. but it's ok. the questions and stuff are totally fine. what the real problem is the shooting part. i've noticed that slight hit on the pathogens won't even affect them. after i've managed to kill a pathogen, it takes around 2 seconds to completely vanish from the screen. When i'm in the of Pathogen, even when it's dying, it still kills me. Three types of bullet was a clever idea, but since killing the pathogen is almost impossible, it has become a huge frustration, rather than adding interest.

Drag and Drop:
timed quiz is fine. but to make it more educational, you must allow the player to see which was wrong and why they are wrong. otherwise, the quiz is completely useless. Rather than using the stop watch as the counter, use the digital timer-ish counter. It notifies how much time does the player have much clearly and much quickly.

Game 3: the black plague.
Well, this game was an absolute disappointment. i would call it a "dumb pac-man".
During the pac-man gameplay, when you are heading up, and if you hold on to left button, whenever there's an opening to the left, the pac-man automatically moves left.
This game however, is completely differnet. When ever my character moves up, and when i push right button to make it move right whenever it meets an opening to the right, it never does anything i expect it to do. basically it hits the wall and stands there like a lifeless dummy. Also, the guard, (or the plagued ppl) are too fast after turning around a corner. I guess timing is essential here, but this game is seems almost impossible. try to make the speed of the guard equal to mine. otherwise it'll be gameover like over 5000 times.

This game need a horrid amount of improvement.
First of all, know which crowd you are aiming for. Certainly this is too hard for children, and sometimes, it's ridiculous for an adult to play (rarely). so my suggestion is this: try to set a difficulty specifically for each group. (children, middle-high, university, etc.)

You've tackled something that's very hard - i mean very hard - to accomplish. good try tho, but it need a better execution, and a clearer idea of which group is this game targeted for.

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Critter2002 responds:

As I mentioned to a preview poster, the hit detection in the Three Lines game is something that I really would've liked to improve on but as I'm still establishing my Actionscript skills I wasn't able to figure out a better way in the time I had. Having three different ammo types was the clients idea so that's why that was implemented.

The drag and drop game was done very last minute. The glitch with not being able to run left properly is something I'm aware of and yes it's extremely difficult. These are definitely areas that would've been improved upon if time permitted but we were under a deadline.

Thanks for some good suggestions though and taking the time to write such a detailed response.

Halo 2 Flash Halo 2 Flash

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome idea

the details are surprisingly well done, despite that it's only part of the game under development.

i wanna see some more choice of weapons if possible, and covenants to kill.
improve the sound effects (the weapon sound) to the top quality, and this will be perfect.
i don't like inverse camera control and probably never will like it forever. if you can, add an option so that you can change the camera option.
i see the falsh isn't complete yet so i'll be expecting some story and plots, covenants to shoot, and ability to do complete 360 turn in flash.

suggestions: allow throwing grenades if possible, the crosshair will be the place where the bomb explodes. ammunition system is required, however make the reload infinate.

uppersnake responds:

Im way ahead of you! :)

everything you just said is something im working on.