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Entry #4

fun game

2010-01-30 02:38:54 by blurkiller

there's a game called punk-o-matic 2.
Despite its limitation on guitar chords, rifts, drum fills, beats, etc. but you can still whip up a nice music with it.
I gave it a 10. Although the guy who made the game could've added more option for the game but, this is already plenty for a flash game.

anyway this is my song:
(Time for change)dg-ade-abX-fdnbY-fdfbY-gbY-fdfb Y-edg-acIcBaa-gaa-gbK-bdhbK-bdhbM-gbM-
ccI-acI-acI-acI-acI-acI-acI-acA-aaB-ga B-gaB-gam-aam-aam-ccF-adg-fdi-Z-Z-Z-L,
ap-ipm-aal-cbJ-ccc-ccO-bccal-cbJ-ccc-c cO-acO-kki-wkb-ckb-ckd-acS-skb-cdS-aeE -akb-cdS-aeE-akb-cdS-aeE-akb-cdS-aeE-a iJ-giJ-aifiJkZ-ciY-aiJ-aas-cas-cas-cet -aea-aas-cet-aea-aaq-cas-cet-aea-aas-c et-aea-aaa-ceb-adI-aaa-aby-aeb-abRbyaa -aby-aeb-abRbyaa-aby-aeb-abRbyam-aap-f id!!-Z-Z-Z-K,ak-ihy-adh-aah-adh-abU-ad h-aaH-adh-abU-adh-aah-adh-abU-adh-aaH-
adh-abU-cfq-gfq-ofu-cfS-cfu-cfS-cbV-ef s-gfs-gfC-cfC-cfC-cfC-cfC-cfC-cfC-cfC-
cdK-aaK-e!!-Mai-aai-adi-acI-aai-aai-ad i-acI-aaa-aaa-ada-acA-aaa-aaa-ada-acA-
aaa-aaa-ada-acA-aaa-aaa-ada-acA-aai-aa k-fhC-Z-Z-Z-L,if-ipm-a!!-oif-bjnlo-alo kKif-bkKcS-apm-cmz-cmz-cmz-cmz-kkc-ckc -ckc-ckc-ccP-akg-Imr-cdS-aak-amr-bkgdS -aak-abb-AeM-ceM-ceM-ceM-ceK-ceM-ceM-c eM-ceM-ceu-ceu-aeu-aeu-ajb-alc-ajqjbeu -ajb-alc-ajqjbeu-ajb-alc-ajqjbeG-aeJ-f an!!-Z-Z-Z-K

Teh reason for the code to be this long is because it's about 3 minutes long! GO FIGURE!

i don't know about you guys, but it sounds fine to me. Sometimes the transition feels ok and sometimes it doesn't feel ok. Oh and later on, i made the chord sound a bit off to create some sort of effect called dissonant chord(?) whatever it's called. Hope you guys like it, spent about an hour and a half to make this. :P

Cheers (:P)


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