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WOW... FUcking...

2009-01-16 15:31:20 by blurkiller

2 of my reviews got deleted simply because i didn't follow some of the guide line for writing the reviews. I guess i'll have to pay more attention to the guideline, but one of my review was literally was spammed by one of the stupid author, only saying HAAAHAHAHAHA, etc.

i think i should file a complaint about this.


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2009-01-17 12:53:30

Uh...i got only 1 review deleted because i was insulting the 8 year kid of the narutard sex sasuke, whatever...
I said "You are kinda retarded dude".

blurkiller responds:

lol! i think we got the reviews for the same flash deleted! i mean WTF was the kid's problem? making sex flash and stuff at the age of 8


2009-11-13 09:14:04

the author has the right to respond however he wants, and of course your reviews will get deleted if you don't follow the guidelines -_-