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Hi, i'm a wanna-be expert reviewer.

2009-01-15 22:24:47 by blurkiller

uh... i actually thought about writing an article, but my mind is blank.
... just blank.

i'll just go with my intro.
hello, my name is Blurkiller: aka blur, and i like games.
boy the intro sucked -_-

anyway, i like reviewing games and i enjoy criticizing flash games and other stuff. in a constructive way.
It inspired me since when i went to IGN for reviews on various games, and i was amased by the fact that they go into details and stuff in order to provide assistance to help the developers realize what they need to pay attention to, to work on, or to improve. I think being a reviewer is great cause you're helping ppl and they don't give a shit whether your review harsh or nice or whatever, unless the review picks out the important parts.
I still need to work on keeping my eyes open and looking for key points that the game needs, in order to improve. I see some ppl agreeing to my comments and reviews and i feel very happy about it, i actually feel useful nao! XD

I also want to be a helper for some ppl who need help with their flash. not with the coding or drawing and stuff, but with brain-storming and ideas. i can also help with the choice of music, but i really don't know if i really can be a help with the music. we'll see.

alright, looks like that's about it. thanks for reading this far, (if you did.) and PM me if you need or want suggestions or reviews from me, or if you just wanna be friends with me :D

later. -Blur-

btw the picture is my favourite game.

Hi, i'm a wanna-be expert reviewer.


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2009-01-15 22:29:54

Well im working on an RPG, some ideas won't be bad.

Thanks you in advance.

blurkiller responds:

Cool, RPG games!
not my favorite type of game but i'll look foward to it! XD


2009-01-15 22:54:20


blurkiller responds:

er... thanks :D


2010-03-26 05:30:11

Make note that this is when I was still entering high school or close to it. I was still immature as ever and you know, times change. :P